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Move It Exhibition Report By Lillie Cox

Move It Exhibition

Move It Exhibition

Move It was a big eye-opener for me, as I have never experienced such an event!

I found out at Move It, how many people from around the country love to dance, just like students from Hayley Nadine Dance Academy. It’s amazing how our dance school is full of talented dancers but when you visit such an occasion, there are hundreds of schools with nearly as many talented students as us!

I visited Move It on Friday 6th and Saturday 7th March, trying out a variety of dance styles, including street jazz, contemporary ballet, American tap, hip hop, Latin American ballroom and many more. As I had booked my lesson tickets, it saved me a lot of time and hassle but it also ment that I could enter the classes quicker and start my experience sooner! I enjoyed all of my 45-minute classes I participated in, as I learnt new dance choreography, with different teachers, lots of other dancers and many different genres of dance.

I would advise anyone who is interested or simply loves to dance, to go and experience Move It for themselves because I guarantee you, you’ll LOVE to MOVE IT! There are many varieties of styles you can complete, so taking part in different categories will show you new forms of the dancing world.

So next time it comes around.… ’Move It!’

Lillie Cox
Dance Captain

Move It Exhibition Report By Jodie Beeney

Jodie Beeney

Jodie Beeney

Wow!! I had such a fantastic day at ‘Move It’, and it was great to see what other dance schools are like, and also to have the opportunity to be taught by professional choreographers!

From the moment I stepped into Olympia, I just had to smile because the atmosphere in there was amazing and it was like stepping into another world!

There were lots of different people there from all over the country and after watching groups perform on the main stage, it just inspired me to want to get up there and dance!

All the girls that went are such fun to be around and it isn’t often that we all get to go out and have as much fun as we did! I think Miss Hayley deserves a big thank you for taking us to London and putting up with us for the day and all there really is left to say is…..

’Move It 2010’ here we come!!

Written by Jodie Beeney

Report On The Move It Exhibition At Olympia Earls Court

Miss Hayley

Miss Hayley

Oh my goodness what an eye opener for our girls……………………………

We went on a trip to London to the Move It Exhibition at Olympia Earls Court where the girls and I took hip hop, street jazz, ballet, contemporary and musical theatre classes run by professional choreographers and dancers who are currently working in the business.

These were people like Rudeye company, dancers from We Will Rock You, Kylie’s backing dancer, Gary Lloyd, who has recently choreographed the new hit musical Thriller, just to name a few!

There were about 5,000 people there and the young dancers of today, well, I can only explain as FIERCE!!!! The buzzing atmosphere was contagious and left me feeling carefree and wanting more!

I was extremely proud of the girls I took as all had never danced in this environment before. They all picked up the steps well and got to the front of the classes and by the end of the day were really holding their own.

The main stage was full of stage schools giving performances and I hope one day to see our girls on there…. next year maybe?… (No pressure!)

I can’t wait for next year and after such a wonderful day we are going to be booking some company’s to come to our school and deliver some workshops .

Thank you girls for an amazing day!!

Miss Hayley x